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Routine Dental Cleaning Services in Racine, WI

Routine Dental Cleaning Services in Racine, WI

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Routine Dental Cleaning by Racine Dentistry

Dental cleanings or prophylaxis is preventative service. The accumulation of bacteria on the teeth, plaque, will cause tooth decay and gingivitis, removing these deposits every six months will help prevent this, eliminate the risk of periodontal disease, maintain general health, and is the key to keeping your teeth for your whole life. All dental cleanings are performed by Dr. Budzinski using the latest techniques and equipment.

Advantages of Routine Cleaning

  • Your teeth will last longer even in your old age
  • We catch cavities before they can develop
  • Minimize the risk of gum disease
  • Maintain general oral health


There are some dental cleaning cases that we will exempt from routine cleaning. People who are suffering from bone loss, tooth decay, and gum disease cannot have their teeth cleaned as described. Cleaning the teeth with dental equipment may result in bleeding gums and pain; in some cases, the teeth may even begin to shake.

However, at Racine Dentistry in Racine, WI, we offer other solutions for such oral health problems, and we work with you to find that solution.

The Process of Routine Cleaning

The process begins with making an appointment. When you come into our dental cleaning offices in Racine, WI, we will review your dental history and do a bit of paperwork.

Next, we take a dental X-ray to determine your oral health and decide the best type of cleaning needed.

Typical cleaning for an adult will take forty-five minutes and for children, thirty minutes. Flossing follows the cleaning.

Remember that routine cleaning is critical to maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and your general, overall oral health, so call us today.

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