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Extractions: Dental Services in Racine, WI

Extractions: Dental Services in Racine, WI

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Racine Dentistry tooth extraction/removal services

There are several reasons a tooth extraction or removal may be needed. Teeth that are too severely damaged due to decay and trauma that cannot be restored.

Other reasons include:

Infection: teeth that become infected and cannot be treated with root canal therapy.
Severe periodontal disease: an inspection is performed of the supportive structures of a tooth, its gingival attachment, and bone.

Creating space for braces: Children’s teeth may require removal to allow adult teeth to erupt correctly. (This is done before fixed appliances or braces are placed). Rarely are adult teeth extracted for orthodontics.

Wisdom Teeth: These are our third molars; it usually erupts around the ages of 18-21 (some people are born without third molars). Extraction of wisdom teeth may be required when: there is not enough room in the jaw to accommodate the tooth. This can result in a partial eruption. Partial eruptions can cause infection of both the gums and the cheek. Often, removal of wisdom teeth require surgery; these cases are referred to an oral surgeon, a specialist, in tooth removal.
Following an extraction:

Dr. Budzinski will give detailed instructions on the proper care following extractions. Dr. Budzinski will both personally explain how to care for your extraction site and send you home with the instructions in writing.

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